A restaurant reservation system built by restaurateurs for restaurateurs.
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The World's Smartest Web Based Restaurant Reservation Software

Restaurantdiary is a state-of-the-art restaurant management and restaurant booking system. It combines an at-a-glance facility to easily see the pattern of restaurant table bookings, intelligent restaurant diary reservations with online live bookings, yield management capabilities for the restaurant and intelligent open table management. The system can be accessed from a web browser and there is a host APP available for the iPad.
Increase Revenue 1Maximise the earning potential of every table through intelligent management of your restaurant.
Reduce Costs 2Reduce staff time by automating tasks such as online bookings, reporting and reconfirming bookings.
Improve Customer Satisfaction 3The in-built CRM lets you share customer knowledge with all staff & improve your level of service.
Encourage Repeat Business 4Build a database by collecting details of every customer & communicate via sms or email marketing.